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Russ Karnap
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Date:  7-19-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
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Brief Description:  Prepped Right Main Wing Ribs, Plates, and brackets

Countersunk the Outboard Doubler Plate. I didn't use a backing plate at first and the holes weren't great. These holes are sandwiched between the Aileron Bracket and the Spar, so I'm not too concerned.

Deburred and smoothed the edges on all the Main Ribs, Reinforcement Plates, Reinforcement Fork, Bellmouth Brackets, Tie Down, Tie Down Spacers, and Rear Spar.

Drilled and deburred the last three outboard holes for wire routing. Drilled using the Step bit to 5/8".

Removed all the fluting scratches that the tip of the Fluter caused to EVERY flute spot! Used a sanding pad in the electric drill to work the corners up and down EVERY rib!

Next is Scotchbrite and clean all the parts for priming and then PRIME! Bought more Acetone so ready for some fumes!
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