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Date:  9-10-2019
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  N/A
Brief Description:  Ordered More Kits

I didn't work on the airplane today... but I'm long overdue to order the next kit(s). Van's estimates 10 weeks to fill an order and another week or two to crate it up and ship it. At the very least, I needed to order the Fuselage Kit but decided to also order the Finish Kit and the Firewall Forward Kit. It a big nut but I will save several hundred dollars in shipping costs by doing so. I also ordered a few options:
1. Flaps Positioning System (Electric Flaps are Standard but not the Positioning System)
2. Step Kit (Addition of a Step mounted on each side of Fuselage for easier access)
3. Dual Brakes (Only Pilot Side comes with Brakes - This Provides Right Seat Brakes)
4. Static Air Kit (Will likely be an alternate Static Air Source)
5. Electric Aileron Trim (Elevators already have Electric Trim Installed)

The Crating Date is estimated to be 11/18/2019 so I should expect delivery late November or early December.

Although this took some time, I entered Zero hours since no building was done.
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