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Date:  12-18-2006
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Floorboard filler piece

I have a few items from earlier construction that were unfinished so tonight I went back to finish up a couple of them. I drilled and installed nutplates for the filler piece that goes between the front seats. Also I had previously held off on making my rudder cables. I was a little unsure about the correct angle of the rudder pedals. During construction the builder has the option of tilting the rudder pedals forward or aft to suit his own body. Without having the seats upholstered it's difficult to determine where the best location would be. Tonight I reinstalled the pilots seat then put some boards on the seat frame to simulate the thickness of the foam in the upholstery. Then I sat in the seat and set the pedals to a position that is comfortable to me. Now I'm set to make up the rudder cables.
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