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Date:  4-21-2024
Number of Hours:  11.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Checking out the VHF

I last looked at the Flightline VHF radio on June 19 of last year, and it was time to figure out why it wasn't transmitting.
Over 8 more sessions totalling 11.5 hours I made only a little progress in solving the problem. This is not my area of expertise, that is for sure! I did my best to ensure that I was following the Flightline wiring diagram and connections list, and matching that to the push-to-talk (PTT) switches' wiring, the wiring harness lists, the two headsets, and the headsets' jack connection points. I even gave the Flightline office a phone call for some clarification.
One difference between the radio wiring diagram and the wiring harness (purchased separately) lists was that in the former the headset mike tips aren't used. There is also a 'ground to activate' point in the radio connector that I hadn't used before. On top of that I found at least one wire connected incorrectly between the radio and the wiring harness.
After making those changes, there was no real change, except now when I pushed the PTT to transmit there was a whine in the earphones. Aargh, one step forward, two steps backwards.
I am going to take a break now, and tackle something easier. I also have to wait a week while a good Molex connector pin remover is delivered from Aircraft Spruce, so that I can take apart and check some of the other connections in the wiring diagram (i.e., the PTT switches).
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