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Date:  8-24-2020
Number of Hours:  3.80
Manual Reference:  8-56 to 8-58
Brief Description:  Elevator Control System

Today I worked on drilling the pieces for the elevator control system. I started out by separating the bellcrank parts, cleaning up the edges and then drilling the holes. No problem.

I then proceeded to make what is probably a fairly expensive mistake once shipping is accounted for. I went to make the F-841 pushrod and promptly began to cut it 1 inch too short. Dumb mistake. I should have remeasured before I cut but I didn't until I had begun using the tube cutter to cut the tube. By then it was too late and I had to order another one. I tried to source it locally but it would have been over $200 so even with shipping from Vans it will be less expensive, I hope!

I then moved on to make the F-839 pushrod assembly. That went well.

After that I sanded down the bushings for the control attachments and drilled the hole to mount the rear stick to the rear control mount.
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