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Date:  5-19-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  8-54
Brief Description:  Attaching the Empennage

Today I worked on attaching the empennage. I started out by leveling the fuselage both laterally and longitudinally. I put all the required spacers under the horizontal stabilizer and then clamped it to the fuselage. I centered it using the process called out in the manual and then tightly clamped it.

I put 2x4 spacer blocks on the HS and then used my digital level to make sure the HS was level with the fuselage at the fuselage center section. It was within .1 degree which is as accurate as the digital level will go. Once this was done I match drilled the holes to #30 in the HS and the HS attach bars.

I measured the distance from the outboard aft corners of HS to the rivet holes just aft of the mid side skin. I measured them several times to make sure I had it right. The manual says it needs to be within 1/4 inch. Mine was within 1/8 inch.

I then marked the hole locations on the HS splice angle.
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