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Date:  5-8-2020
Number of Hours:  5.20
Manual Reference:  8-48 to 8-49
Brief Description:  Fuselage Floors

Today I worked on the floors. I started out drilling the holes in the floors and floor support angles for the bolt holding the flap blocks.

I then moved on to drilling all the holes and pieces to the front floor and the foot recesses. I drilled the holes for the nut plate in the angles that matched the holes on the front floor. I then pulled the front floor out and installed the nutplates for the holes I had drilled.

I assembled and drilled the front floor and the foot recesses.

I then removed the floors from the fuselage. I assembed the right and left rear floors and all the stiffeners. Finally, I clecoed and clamped the rear seat hinge in place and drilled the holes through the hinge.
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