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Date:  4-22-2020
Number of Hours:  8.20
Manual Reference:  8-43
Brief Description:  Fitting the Landing Gear

Today I began working on fitting the landing gear to the fuselage. The first step was to get the fuselage upside down and level. This proved to be a bit of a challenge with the sawhorses I purchased from Harbor Freight. I ended up having to cut 4 3/4 inches off of each of the sawhorse legs to get them short enough to give me a level angle on the forward floor.

After I got the fuselage leveled I moved on to drilling the holes in the inboard gear attach brackets. I used the drill press and clamped the assembly tight to the table. Once I had those holes drilled I used the gear attach brackets to drill the 7/16 holes in the inboard wear plates after putting temporary 5/16 bolts thorough both pieces.

I moved on to attaching the gear to the fuselage. I hung plumb bobs from the forward edges of the gear legs and the tail. The bobs lined up with a taught string on the floor and when I measured the distance to the tail plumb bob it was within 1/8 inch which was well within the 1/4 called out in the plans. Once I double checked that I tightened the nut on the 7/16 bolt through the inboard bracket and gear leg.

Finally, I drilled the 3/8 holes through the longerons and the gear weldment.
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