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Date:  8-31-2018
Number of Hours:  5.40
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-9 to 6-11
Brief Description:  Riveting the Left and Right Elevators

I continued working on the elevators today. I riveted the skin for the right elevator to the understructure. I then finished attaching the E-714 counterweight. It was torqued to 25 in lbs and torque seal was applied.

I dimpled the reinforcement plate for the trim tab cover and riveted that and the nut plates on to the left elevator skin. I also built the bracket for the trim tab servo on the back of the cover plate.

I bent the elevator tabs that close out the elevator on the side of the trim tab. I though this had gone really well. I used the block method that the plans describe and the bending went well. However, I took the blocks out and then found that the edge on the upper side had been pushed back. It will cause stress in the aluminum so I am going to cut the tabs off and replace them with a riblet made out of an E-703 rib.

I began riveting the left elevator skin to the understructure.
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