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Date:  7-15-2018
Number of Hours:  7.70
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-8
Brief Description:  Trimming the Elevator Stiffeners and Preparing the

Today I started by finishing drilling the stiffeners to the right and left elevator skins. I then disassembled the skins and stiffeners, deburred all the holes and then dimpled the skins using the c-frame and the stiffeners using the pneumatic squeezer.

I then moved on to the rudder skeleton. I separated all of the E-00001 hinge doublers using the band saw and cleaned up the edges. I used the cut and polish wheel to radius the top and bottom edges an the outboard doublers to fit in the spars.

From there I cleoed and drilled the E-610PP, E-611PP and the E-00001 doublers to the E-702 spars. I decided to do all of the steps for both sides of the elevators at the same time. I fluted and straightened the flanges on the E-703 and E-704 ribs and then drilled them to the E-702.

I removed the ribs from E-702, placed the E-714 counterweight on the forward end and clecoed the E-713 skin on. I ended up doing this twice because I had it backward. That made the E-713 very hard to get on which is why I noticed it was backward. I clamped the assembly in my vise and drilled the holes in the counterweight to #12 using the holes on the forward face of E-713 as a guide. I used Bolube as a my lubricant. The holes came out well! I would have liked to use the drill press but the assembly would not fit.
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