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Date:  7-29-2018
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-7
Brief Description:  Riveting the Rudder

Today I completed the majority of the riveting on the rudder. I first riveted R-713 to R-703. I enlarged the 3/32 guide holes in R-703 to #12 and installed the E-614-020 lead counterweight. I dimpled the holes and countersunk the counterweight so that the screws sat flush and then removed the counterweight.

I riveted R-703, R-704, R-405PD, R-606PP, R-607PP, R-608PP and R-717 to R-802PP. I then riveted R-710 to R-405PD and R-704. I had a small bucking bar and so I was able to get solid rivets in to all of these holes.

I placed a chewing gum size daub of RTV on the inside of the skin at the end of each of the stiffeners and then clecoed the substructure to the R-801PP skin.

I riveted the skin to the substructure and was able to get to all but one of the rivets with my squeezer. I put pop rivets in the trailing edge hole on the bottom rib on each side. After I finished riveting I realized I had sandwiched the R-716 rudder bottom attach strips between the skin and the rib. I’m going to have to drill out those rivets and correctly place the R-716s.
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