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RV-10 Project - N786PS
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Date:  10-2-2009
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  28-4
Brief Description:  Trimming the Control Column Mount

I've found more than a few missed items in the QB factory, and as they pile up they're starting to wear on me. It's a pain to keep track of all of them.

I have been putting them off until later chapters and planning to correct them when I get to the appropriate section. But like I said, it's a pain to track them.

So I'm going back and resolving those I know exist and getting them corrected per the plans.

Tonight I listened on the internet to Shattuck beat Laverne 16-0 for their 84th (I think) straight win.

The control column mounts are supposed to be trimmed on page 28-4. But the QB factory didn't trim the mounts - they just put them into the airplane and torqued them down.

So I removed them from the airplane and trimmed them per the plans.
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