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RV-10 Project - N786PS
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Date:  9-26-2009
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  29-8 thru 29-13
Brief Description:  Continuing with QB inspection on Chapt 29.

It was hard to get much work done today. Lawn needed mowing and friends were coming over for the University of Houston vs Texas Tech game. The Coogs won on their last drive of the game. Coogs are now ranked #12 in the nation. I'll probably never get to type that again. :)

Completed sections 29-8 thru 29-13.

I found some more sloppy work from the QB factory. 29-9 Step 5 calls to check the maximum length of the F1013's. All of those with the QB are too long. Way too long. Inches too long.

I just made a note on them and left them in position for now. I will wait until the tailcone is being mated to the forward fuselage to determine just how much I need to trim off. It is a little disappointing, because I do have to remove some rivets to fix it.
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