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Date:  7-19-2006
Number of Hours:  40.00
Manual Reference:  Sec 14
Brief Description:  Painting

Sec 14 date 7-19-06The last month has been difficult in the paint booth. After changing from PPG products to Val Spar products to finish my aircraft I went through a long learning process with the new paint. Val spar products react different to the low humidity and warm temperatures in Nevada. I started with the manufacture recommendations for the primer and paint with a little help from the staff at the paint store. The results were orange peel that resembles cottage cheese. So I started to increase the reducer to eliminate the non-conforming surface condition. The paint was opaque and smooth then the activator kicked in and I had cottage cheese. After many changes to the paint mix including higher temperature reducer and changing the activator .The surface was unacceptable At this point I was thinking about golf ball and Vortex generators. I started to paint at three in the morning the temperature is about 65 degs. Using activator for 80 degs seemed to work at this temperature. (I needed a win) but my efforts were not rewarded with smooth paint. My son (bless his heart) asked me to try buffing the paint. I sanded my wing tip with 1000,1500 and 2000 wet dry. That removed the orange peel but the surface finish was dull and lifeless. I buffed with a wool bonnet and some Meguiars Glaze Dual Action Cleaner/Polish #83. After 5 minutes of buffing, Oh my God! Wow! The paint was awesome! I was so pleased with the results that I buffed a few other parts with the same out come. no images
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