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Date:  8-14-2005
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  Sec 8
Brief Description:  Installing wings

Over the weekend I installed the fuel tank supports and a flap. The fuel tank supports were straightforward to install, but cutting the hole for the flap rod was time consuming and awkward. This week I drilled the holes for the flap push rods,Installed the flap push rods, Installed the fuel lines, I left the master switch on and came back to a dead battery. Here is the photos for the flap holes This past week I have been working on the wing root area. I finished the fuel lines and the wiring from the fuselage to the wings. I used the rocket builders type vent line setup. I ran the vent line through the fuselage because I had drilled the holes in the bottom skin after I saw the rocket setup on Van's forums.
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