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Date:  2-13-2000
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  Sec 6
Brief Description:  Horazontal Spar

Chapter 6 Empennage Date 1/15/00 Locate and install the hinge bracket on the horizontal spar. I used a string to align the hinges before locating and drilling to the rear spar (No Photos available) Chapter 6 Empennage Date 1/15/00 Assembling the horizontal frame was very easy. I used fluting pliers to straighten the flanges of the horizontal ribs. I located the ribs on the spars, drilled and clecoed them together. Then disassemble de-burr and prime. Reassemble and rivet all the parts together. (No Photos available) Chapter 6 Empennage Date 1/15/00 Mounting the horizontal frame to the jig. I decided to make mounting brackets from aluminum angle and instead of drilling the brackets all at one time. I drilled one bracket, clamped it in location and then ran a string thru the bracket to the other end of the jig. I leveled the string and used it to mark the other brackets at there locations. Since I made the fixture from steel and the brackets from aluminum I super glue them in location. It work great! Then mounting the frame was as easy as bolting it on. (No Photos available)
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