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Date:  8-9-2014
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Flight #13

• Hobbs: 12.7 to 14.3 = 1.6 hrs
• Running 2,300-2,600 RPM, because…
• Little different result today. I richened the mixture 1/4 turn, but I was getting very high EGTs and sometimes high CHTs. I was chasing both with throttle and mixture and never getting anything the didn't concern me (EGTs were sometimes up to 1418, where 1400 is the max recommended).
• I stopped in Fitchburg, pulled the cowl, and richened the mixture again. It was idling rough so I also adjusted the idle screw. After a few test starts I took off again, but still had high EGTs. And depending on my mixture setting I might have really nice CHTs or very high ones. So I went back to Stow.
• After I landed I got online and found this. I REALLY admire this guy, so I take what he has to say above just about anyone else.

He says EGTs are a reference, and that the temps can't get hot enough to harm anything in the engine/exhaust. So I think I'm going to focus on CHTs and not worry too much about the EGTs, and see what happens.

I richened the mixture some more, and I'll give it another shot tomorrow.
• I ALSO found a couple of broken things:
o The #2 EGT broke. The probe clamp cracked and broke away, the probe going with it. I just pulled it right out with no effort!
 To fix it I put two layers of stainless steel over the hole, and held them down with a stainless clamp. At least until I can get a new probe.
o The stainless tubing from the smoke pump, snapped off at the top of the fitting. I will reinstall it clean, tomorrow.
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