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Date:  6-9-2017
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Brief Description:  Changing to Top Oil Cooler 2 of 2

- I had the option of using the original oil pump or buy a new one. If I kept the original I would have still had a hose connecting the two opposite sides of the pump. I wanted to get rid of the hoses, so I bought the new pump.

With the old pump I never got over 39 psi oil pressure, while most other AeroVees were getting 50 psi. After installing the new pump I get 49 psi oil pressure, so it was a good change!

- The new oil pump cover plate is THINNER than the original (since there are no hose connections), so you must use the SHORTER bolts that come with the new pump.

- One benefit of the new bolts is they have hex heads, so you you use a socket wrench on them.

- After making this installation I took a test flight. As noted my oil pressure was much better. My CHT's were all still in the high 200's to mid 300's, so great. Oil temperatures were 165 to 185 depending on the weather. Both of those are actually low, so I might need to block off a bit of the oil cooler to bring the temps up a bit (you want high enough temps to boil off water).

Overall this was a success, and only took me about 14 hours of work.
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New oil pump cover plate

New oil pump cover plate

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