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Date:  4-21-2009
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Parts Preparation

Made (2) W11-08 pieces.

Tried to bend open F14-09R to it's required 93.9 degrees, but had no luck getting it to budge in the vice. I am avoiding the adjustable-wrench method as it seems to make a wavy bananna out of the metal (from earlier tries).

I tried puting wood in the vice, then placing the angle with the apex of the angle facing one vice jaw, and the open two ends of the angles against the wood on the opposite side of the vice, and squeezing, but still wound up with the same 90 deg I started with. I don't think the wood lets the two open legs slide, so I need to use some wood with high pressure plastic laminate, or something like that. Will try next time.
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