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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  10-8-2010
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Final paint color selection - changed

Was riding around with my color sample book (Kenworth Trucks) and comparing some colors and possilbe trim colors with what I can see on the street. I went back to the Kenworth Truck dealership down the street (which has nothing to do with why i have the book) and saw a truck whose color is still closer to what I want than anything I see in the book.

They're open so I go in and see if there's someway to get the paint code. I get a salesman who offers to pull the invoice. He says right up front that I probably won't find this in the book (he's right).

I'ts "Auburn Sunburst" which means nothing in itself but he gives me the code. I take it to my paint guy and say "make my day and tell me we can do this color". With some translation, he tells me yes and now we have a final color.

Went home with 2 more gallons of white so I can start the wings.

(Kenworth dealership, slight return) I pass this place on I-85 everytime I leave my house. The lot has looked the same for at least 6 months but 2 days after I drop by and ask about the Autumn Sunburst truck, the lot is re-arranged and this truck is now visible from the interstate. Beautiful in the setting sun! Must have been a good move because 2 weeks later, the truck is no longer on the lot! I think I may have helped sell a truck. Should drop by and inquire.
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Here's the truck (again).  In person it's a bit more orange/red than brown

Here's the truck (again). In person it's a bit more orange/red than brown

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This is the

This is the "same color" but really, it is!

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