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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  4-1-2010
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Choosing spray paint equipment

Well, Ron's paper:
drove the decision to get a HVLP turbine system.

A/C Spruce offered the Axis4 with spray and fresh air supply in one unit so I got it.

The package seems to be ideal with fresh air, spray air, and a spray gun. I soon learned that I had stepped into a bit of problem with the very fine Accuspray/3M gun. Accuspray, apparently the maker of a very good HVLP gun, was acquired by 3M. I'm not really sure what happened but my guess based on hearsay is that the 3M transition broke the worldwide supply chain for parts. So right now, it appears that the Accuspray $$ gun may be an orphan.... or not. But parts are hard to find from 3M or anyone else. I'm getting what I need and keeping my body parts crossed - so far, so good.

What I like about the Axis turbine - Portable, simple, plug and play. 110 volt, 15-20lbs, air supply, self contained, no additional water traps, filtering or plumbing required. And according to Ron and others, the best approach for novices.

Having said that, one quickly finds that experienced painters prefer classic guns and compressors, or due to changes in environmental laws and paint formulations, they are ok with HVLP conversion guns. There's a legacy issue that will fade in due time but one does have to figure out who you want to listen to - just like all homebuilder issues.

So the next thing is learning how to use this stuff. A class would be ideal but I wasn't in the mood. So self discovery and asking around will have to do
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