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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  8-24-2006
Number of Hours:  14.00
Manual Reference:  6-6, 7-1-8, 8-1-3
Brief Description:  Vertical Fin & Rudder & Horizontal Stab

Moving fast. Holding some tasks, trying to get as much into prime as possible.Fabricating HS spar and the spar attachments was enjoyable because I either knew how to do it or had recently learned how to do all the tasks. It's now apparent that there is no way to complete the entire tail section in 7 days no matter how much time I put in. Mike is half day, Jacob is 12+ hours and I'm working as hard and long as I dare. I feel like I'm getting 2 on 1 instruction and yet there is another builder here (Reggie - RV9)
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