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Date:  7-31-2010
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  stab final locate
Brief Description:  stab final set inspection

Although I had made every effort to set the stab correctly I decided to call in the tech council - Jim Smith from the local EAA75 chapter. The issue wasnt the math or the set of the stab everything was correct and square at 2 degrees . It just looked steeper visually and I wanted a second set of eyes to confirm everything.

Jim brought a number of fancy tools for the job . After two or three measurments Jim told me it was square , level and set at 2 degrees . I never told Jim it was required to be set at 2 degrees . So when he asked and I told him the spec he kinda gave me a funny look and chuckled . It wasnt just aproximatly 2 degrees it was dead on at 2.00000 degrees .
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