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Date:  7-31-2007
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  sht 602
Brief Description:  stab elevator

Seems there will be a clearance problem between the stab trailing edge skins and the elevator leading edge ( when applied ) . This is not due to improper sizing - the spar is dead on width - the elevator spar is also dead on width. The 2 degree spar cut is fine - what happend is that when the bottom stab skins were clamped down ( during glue up ) the straight edge rolled the 1/16 ply over the edge of the spar slightly more than 2 degrees .

Solution : formers . I will incorporate a former running full lenght for top and bottom skins both sides upper and lower. The 1 inch of 1/16 ply hanging unsupported never really struck me as durable anyway , additionally another barracuda builder ( spence ) seemed to have a similar problem on the horizontal stab and corrected in with formers , the aircraft has several critical moving assemblies that have similar design and each will be looked at for this type of problem .
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