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Date:  4-20-2011
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  6-3
Brief Description:  Vertical Stabilizer

Deburred VS-1006 Top Rib, VS-1004 and VS-1007 inspar Ribs the VS-1002 front spar and the VS-1005 and VS-1013 front Nose Ribs..

Matched drilled holes common to these parts in the skeleton.

Clecko VS-1001 Stabilizer skin to to framework
Match drill all skin holes with #40

Remove skin and dimple all all skin holes with the exception of a specific few marked in the plans.

Dimple all of the flanges of the ribs and the front spar, counter sink the rear spar holes that are common to the skin and the spar caps and dimple the holes above the ones countersunk.
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