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Date:  7-18-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Continued Work On Transponder Harness

Put a terminal on a segment of white wire and installed it in the 2nd port on the transponder plug. Put terminals on two red wires and installed them into the 11th and 12th ports on the plug. On testing the red wires one came off the terminal in port #11. Used the terminal removal tool to eject the terminal from the plug. Installed a new terminal on the red wire and inserted it into port #11. Put a terminal on a segment of black wire and installed it in port #A. Gathered the wires together and lightly clamped them together with small plastic ties. On the blind altimeter's plug removed the red wire stub and replaced it with a much longer segment of red wire.

Reviewed the transponder manual on installing the transponder and the steps to check out its functions. Also reviewed the steps necessary to check and/or reprogram the setting in the transponder.
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