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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  6-18-2017
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Skyview update; ADSB (1090) In and radio check

Couple more things done today:

Updated Skyview to ver 15.1, enabling the dual frequency ADSB-In receiver installed earlier this week. Pulled the P-mag fuses so I could hook up the BatteryMinder while the upgrade was going on. The Skyview modules and GTR-200 radio are built to handle large voltage spikes, but E-mag advises not to expose the P-mags to a charging battery. Can't hurt to follow the mfg's advice...

Once updated, the 1090 MHz channel of the ADSB-In receiver began to pick up aircraft in the pattern above KLVK. How cool is that?!! And that's with the hanger door partially open.
I could also hear the tower as well as ground loud and clear on the GTR-200. Well, why not...

"Livermore ground, seven fower ate papa kee-low, radio check."

"Seven fower ate papa kee-low, loud and clear."

"Roger, seven fower ate papa kee-low."

It's alive!
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