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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  9-29-2018
Number of Hours:  2.80
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Follow up after 1st engine start

POST-START inspection after yesterday's FES:

--Oil level 6 qts, same as before start. No discoloration--looks like brand new oil.

--Battery resting open circuit voltage: 12.62V--about 75% state of charge. Put the battery on charger (after removing EMag fuses again) before master ON to turn on the SV system. I had left the Dynon doing a back-up battery test last week. It passed (> 45 min operation of the D-1000 screen). Took battery off charger before leaving today, by which time the SV back-up battery was fully charged to 11.28 V.

--No runs or drips or loose connections FWF were noted.

--Checked Dynon Tachometer set-up: it was in fact set for 1 pulse per rev, so all of yesterdays readings were 2x too high, because Emag factory default is 2 pulses per rev. Changed Dynon to 2 pulse/rev.

--Mouse Milked the exhaust expansion joints and ball joints. I didn't take the headers off to exercise the expansion joints, nor take off the aft exhaust straps to exercise the ball joints. Just dripped on the MM and let in penetrate the joints.

MISTAKES from yesterday's FES:

--Didn't have pen and paper for notes. Karl brought a hunk of cardboard for me to take notes about half-way into the runs, from which all these notes were written the day after.

--Missed fuel valve to RIGHT


--Missed putting EMag fuses back in

--Did not engage alternator (not that battery would have recharged in the short run time, but still...)
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