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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  10-15-2016
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Last flame resistant caulking on the firewall

Karl shone a very bright LED work light at the firewall from the cabin side while, with lights out and garage door closed, I looked for light leaks on the engine side. A pull rivet on a platenut for the nose gear taper pin nut was leaking light. Put a daub of Biotherm on all of the pull rivets.

No other light leaks found after caulking the lower and upper corners of the lower firewall and filling the small spaces where the stnlss firewall flanges had been fluted with the same Biotherm caulk. There was one spot on the firewall recess that was best caulked by laying down in the fuse with head and arms in the footwell. Very glad it was only one.

I think I'm out of Things To Do before riveting on the last skin!
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