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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  3-3-2012
Number of Hours:  10.30
Manual Reference:  8
Brief Description:  Fuse reassembly continues...

Primed baggage frame-in members and cockpit armrests. Clecoed them into place. Primed the lower fwd fuse skin and painted it Rustoleum dark machine grey. Primed the F-902 bulkheads. Installed nutplates on the lower fwd triangular firewall gussets. "Peeled" back F-970 and riveted the triangular gussets to the firewall stiffener. Turned out hole in the tri gussets was too low--center of this hole was on the underlying members edge. I drilled an extra hole up by 2D from the too-low hole, and there was still > 3D to the next higher hole. (2D & 3D dimensions ctr to ctr) Thus got five rivets in the gussets per the plans. Left the 6th, too-low hole unfilled.

Riveted F-902s to the landing gear webs F-9101. The two pieces could be removed from the fuse assy and riveted on the bench, then reassembled.

Riveted the rudder pedal brace to the f/w stiffener. Could pneu-squeeze three of them. Tried to buck one solo...bad move! Gun came off and smileyed the factory head a little bit. Will need to sand and re-prime other surface damage, but I'm condsidered leaving the rivet as is--drilling it out could just make things worse.
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