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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  3-19-2011
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  8
Brief Description:  Spar center section

Broke down the fuse crate. Sawed stapled plywood and kept the non-stapled cuts, rather than spend a whole day pulling staples!

Cut down the disk for the HF belt/disk sander which has warped. Bolted a 3/8" pc of redwood to it, "turned" the edge round to make a new disk. Fabricated the center section F-904J spacers, using the repaired disk sander to square the ends. Drilled the 1/4 holes for spacer bolts in center section bar. Preliminary fit up with the close tol bolts aligned everything.

Drilled F-982B and F-983B brackets for #8 nutplates.
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