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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  10-22-2006
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  6-8 to 6-9
Brief Description:  Left elevator and start trim tab

Matched drill all #30 and #40 holes in the assembled left elevator from yesterday. Unclecoed the top skin to fit the E-921 gusset in place and matched drill it to #30. The edge distance on the short tab is exactly 1/4". Phew!

Disassembled, deburred, and dimpled. Machine csk the top row of the trip tab spar, per the manual. It will be sandwiched between the dimpled top skin and the trim tab hinge.

Assembled the trim tab and trim tab spare with clecos...trim tab trailing edge needs to be bent with home-made brake, of course. Since I have electric trip, cut off the bottom hole of the two trim tab hole pieces, then using a 1/8" cleco in the horn hole and a cut-off piece of stiffener angle to tie the bottom flanges together, filed, sanded, and rounded the edges of the control horn.

Left counter weight skin has not been tapered where the elev skin runs off it. I did do that to the right ctrwt skin, but it needs some extra touches.
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