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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  5-27-2020
Number of Hours:  8.60
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Refine engine, pre-inspection

2.3 Hours
Re-torqued prop clamp bolts. Safety wired the prop mounting bolts. Added chaffing tape to engine mount where I had wires and lines zip tied to frame. Got 8 out of 10 done

.7 Hour
Finished adding chaff tape tape to engine mount. Added marks on coolant overflow bottle at half and three quarters.

2.6 Hours
Opened the inspection panels. Installed the cross member in bottom of fuselage. Armed ELT and tested.

3.0 fHours
Paul did a pre-inspection for me. Scheduled DAR is 5/30/20. He found 19 issues, anything from loose jam nuts to things rubbing on each other. Corrections takes from a few seconds to a whole lot longer.
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Paul pre-iinspecting

Paul pre-iinspecting

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