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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  5-16-2020
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine run and misc

5 hours over three days
Last three days have been a little bit of this and a litttle bit of that. Doing safety wireing, cotter pins, cleaning. After discussion with DAR, will remove old regisration numbers and replace with new ones that are on order. Started writting the POH.

Topped off coolant and oil. Again with Paul's help, ran the engine the second time for 3/10ths hr to verifly corrections. EGT, coolant temp and mags all work correctly. Still no fuel pressure indication. Max RPM was 5540 so prop pitch has to be increased some more, about 1/2 deg. Taxied to airport main ramp and did S turns, figure 8s and straight aheads. Everything seemed OK. At 1640 idle RPM, taxis fast. Brakes worked OK. Paul shortened hex wrench to be able to get at motor mount bolts.

3.0 Hourss
Worked on POH. Coolant level down again. Don't see a leak or any on floor. Have to monitor it closely. Removed old registration numbers with heat gun in prep for new ones. Tidy hangar..
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