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Dave's RV-7A Builder's Log
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Date:  2-17-2018
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Fairings & aileron trim

This weekend’s work included a lot of fiberglass finishing, so not much in the way of pictures, but a fair amount of progress nonetheless. I started by working on the right-side intersection fairings which close out the gaps between the fuselage/gear leg fairing and the wheel pant/gear leg fairing. In addition to their primary role, they also serve to “index” the gear leg fairings in their proper position relative to the air flow. Previous posts detail the challenge of getting these fairings positioned correctly, and the intersection fairings are critical in holding everything together so placement was pretty important. Lots of sanding, filling, sanding, fitting, drilling, rivnut & nut plate installation, etc., and I had the right side and upper left side installed…good enough for a test flight.

Before I flew I finished up the aileron trim installation so that I could test that during the flight as well. After temporarily installing the floor panels and seat, I fired it up and went for a flight. Happy to report that it flies straight, the aileron trim works well…and I got 171 kts TAS out of the aircraft at 8,000’. All in all, I was very happy with the results!
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