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Date:  3-17-2017
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Final Assembly

While checking everything in the cockpit and forward fuselage before riveting on the sides, I discovered that when the nuts for the lower stick pivot bolts were tightened, that the side-to-side stick friction increased. This was a sure sign that something was wrong related to the mounting of the stick control box bearings. The problem was isolated to the rear bearing, so its nut was removed, and the bolt partially removed. I found that I had forgotten to install the AN960-416 washer between the AN970-4 washer and the bearing, even though it was very clearly called out in the BM. The washer was added, the bolt repositioned, and the nut securely tightened, and the stick moved freely, as designed.

The brake system was tested for leaks by applying heavy pressure to the brake pedals for about two minutes, then checking for leaks. No leaks!

I had purchased some DU-BRO, 1/16” Dura-Collars to serve as back-up security for the throttle, mixture, and carb-heat control cables, at the engine. The collars fit the carb heat cable without modification, but the collars for the other two cables had to be drilled out to 0.086” (#44 drill) to fit the cables.
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