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Date:  8-11-2013
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  aileron mistake

Well, I will devote a whole page here as I made a boo boo! At least in assembly. I did get a good response from my buddy doing the Waiex kit thing, and he did measurs the clearence with full down deflection, and I calculated things would interfeer. I did a reverse assembly and found that the fromt surface of this aileron was not at its specified angle, something like 97 degrees, if I remember corectly. this is set by the front angle of the three ribs. Each of these had been painstakenly constructed, and their angles were within acceptable very close.

Backing up in the process of drilling and clecoing, I discovered that I had forgotten to make sure the lower part of the rib was in full contact with the aforementioned vertical surface. I had used the upper part in stead of the lower part where the actual angle in the skin was formed. Why, one may ask? Well...dumb ole me had the aileron upside-down to drill and cleco the bottom surface first, and used the bottom edge of the front surface at a reference, which was actually the top edge, if the aileron had been upside right. Duhh, or is it Dooh?

the fix was very cheap and easy. I took my spare, already made extra rib for this and reinstalled the drive plate, and reinstalled the rib correctly, using the correctmethod to locate the rib fore and aft wise. Muy better, and I am pleased. At least with the out come.

The take away may have to be that once in a while I have to go inside and take a load off while building, else I will maybe again get my ups and downs screwed up! Sure gotta learn that before I actually start flying again!
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