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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  10-29-2013
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Install studs, trim servo, ribs

I took the rudder apart so I could work with the seperate skins. The right skin got scuffed on the inside in the appropriate locations, marked using the servo as a guide, and then cleaned with naptha. Then I installed click-bond #6 studs for the servo. While the acrylic adhesive set, I riveted the remaining ribs to the skins. The bottom rib required pop rivets in the aft 3 holes because I couldn't get a bucking bar in the narrow space. Then I removed the click-bond fixtures and installed the servo with appropriate nuts and washers. By the way, when I removed the servo from the old rudder I couldn't help testing the stud adhesion; those things are on like limpets. I'm pretty sure I would dent the skins severly, if not tear them, trying to remove the studs.

Rivet count: 20 (34 redo, 216 total redone) Total: 15885 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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