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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  6-21-2011
Number of Hours:  6.60
Manual Reference:  28-11.1 to 28-13.2
Brief Description:  Assemble and rivet forward bottom skin

Started with the flowscan/FT-60 mount. I went ahead and put both sets of nutplates on; who knows, it might pay to be flexible and the weight is negligible. Then I proceeded through the instructions, riveting the brackets and ribs to the bottom skin. Where possible, I used the backrivet set and plate. I made up the bulkheads with the seat rail supports and added them to the skin and then the systems brackets.

I also riveted the attach angles to the fuselage bulkheads. A couple of rivets on each side are less than perfect, thanks to Van having us put the nutplates on the angle first, which interferes with the riveting. It would have been easier to rivet the angle first and then add the nutplates with a squeezer. However, drilling out the nutplates once the angle was on the bulkhead (after the first rivet but before I discovered the problem) would have been difficult in such close quarters with a good chance of making things worse, as would attempting to drill the angle off and starting again, so I left it as it was.

With all the basic riveting done, I scuffed the area for the front row of rivets on the bottom skin and the firewall and then mixed up some ProSeal. I applied a thin layer of ProSeal to the firewall and, while I was at it, closed up the corners of the firewall recess, I then clecoed the bottom skin in place and left it to cure.

Rivet count: 357 Total: 9061 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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