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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  5-10-2011
Number of Hours:  2.30
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Installed nutplates on COMM antenna doublers

Spring Cleaning is nearly over, and I'm done with school. Graduation for my BS in Computer Science is this Saturday. I'm still wrapping up some stuff but this seemed like a good day to tackle a small job and get back in the swing of things.

I roughly installed the COMM antennae to the doublers (in place, minus skin and gasket) using #8 screws and nutplates. Once the nutplates were positioned how I wanted them, I drilled through one rivet hole in each nutplate until I felt it 'give' (just short of going through and marring the antenna base plate). I then removed everything, finished drilling through the rivet holes, and resintalled the nutplates using a screw and a cleco. Then I drilled the other rivet hole for each nutplate.

After disassembling everything, I deburred all the holes in the doublers and rechecked that all the edges were deburred, too. Then I dimpled all the #40 holes (the screw holes don't need it and the #30 holes will have AN470 rivets). I also dimpled the nutplates. Then I riveted the nutplates to the doublers. I also dimpled the #40 holes in the fuselage structure in the vicinity of the doublers and then clecoed the doublers in place so I could take the pictures in the 2nd and 3rd images.

No, it didn't really take me over 2 hours to do all that. I also managed to update the computer in the hangar and remove the one in the RV-6A hangar (it's being replaced) as well as some other small housekeeping chores.

Rivet count: 16 Total: 6227 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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