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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  7-29-2008
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Ignition work, spinner, prop install, miscellaneou

First task was to finish preparing the spinner backplate. Drilled all the platenut holes, also on forward spinner plate. Countersunk for rivets and then primed the three plates. While paint dried, reconnected avionics fan. Then drilled locations for camlocs on upper firewall strip. When spinner parts had dried, painted the upper firewall strip and began ignition work.

Made up coil connections from the lightspeed boxes and connected them to the coils. Removed the spark plug wires from the coils and the top plugs from the engine. Turned on the master switch and tested the starter < 2 turns. Left switch at 'Both' and performed phasing step from Lightspeed installation manual so that forward cylinders fire on TDC mark and aft cylinders fire 180 degrees. While phasing, also tested 'L' and 'R' and off positions.

The spinner parts having cured enough, I riveted the backplate and doubler together and riveted all the platenuts to it. I then installed the backplat on the prop. I also clecoed the cowling attach strip back to the fuselage. Next, I induced Larry Diebel to show me how to gap the plugs, which were then installed in the cylinders at 15 ft/lb and the spark plug wires attached to them and the coils.

Finally, Judith arrived and assisted me in installing the prop. While I located the prop in its proper position, she started the nuts. Once the nuts were well started, I contined tightening them until the prop was snug against the starter ring and then used a torque wrench and crow's foot for the prop bolts to take them to the proper lower torque (51 ft/lb taking the crow's foot into consideration) and then as necessary to prepare for safety wiring (not yet accomplished). With this, the prop is logged in the prop logbook as installed; see appropriate logbook for HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497-2 Serial Number CH43888B.
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