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Bills Safari Adventure
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Date:  12-28-2011
Number of Hours:  12.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install Exhaust

I have been working but not documenting so here I go.

Photo 1 shows the only existing Power Flow Exhaust for the Safari Helicopter. This is very similar to the certified version for the Robinson. This is the prototype that the factory and Steve Michael tested. I think the cost has scared away a lot of people, but the product is of excellent quality.

I had problems installing it however. Believe it or no this can be installed 4 different ways. The pipes fit either side. If installed like in the factory instructions the heater can sits at least 8" lower than shown in the picture. The problem is that the carb heat outlet is too close to the tube that supports the tail. The 3" SCAT would have to make a very sharp turn to get around it.

Also mounting it this high will allow me to attach the flapper valve for the heater directly to it. Still working on that however.

Steve Michael did a lot of testing and confirmed Power Flows claims to performance increases. He did however say that it was loud. As you can see there is only a spark arrestor in the tail pipe.

Next I also installed the EGT probes. Hooking up the EGT probes to the I/O box is the last bit of wiring.
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Power Flow Exhaust

Power Flow Exhaust

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