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Bills Safari Adventure
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Date:  10-3-2011
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Weld up Drive Shaft and Install

No pictures. I slide the doubler tube into the tail end of the drive shaft and welded it in place. I then slid on the drive coupler and used a 1/4" transfer punch to center punch the shaft through the hole in the coupler. Drilled out to 15/64 then reamed to 1/4". Make sure that you weld the inner tube before drilling, it will move around if you don't

I reinstalled the bearings and reshot the level being a little more careful with my measurements. None of the bolts supplied to bolt the bearings to the tail were long enough. I had enough bolts left over from the hardware kit to to it however. Also the hole in the large washers were too small. I had to drill them all out PITA.

Making a list of the things I have left to do. So far it is less than one page.
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