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Date:  2-4-2012
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Try to get Avionics Working

This represents several days of trying to get the avionics working. Without getting into all the detais I downloaded the newest firmware for the Odyssey and it now talks to the VP-X. I am still having issues with the oil pressure sender and temp senders. Turns out that I have to use the MGL supplied OAT sender not the Westach that was supplied with the kit. Problem is to replace the sender the floor has to come up. To get the floor up the instrument pod has to be removed. To remove the instrument pod the bubble has to come off.

That is the bad news

The GOOD news is that NORDAM has agreed to make me a new bubble. I need to take my old one to Tulsa in order to use it as a model to trim the new one. So I guess while the bubble is off I can replace the sender. PITA.

Although very helpful Matt at MGL appears to be swamped. I still have some programming that needs to be done in order to activate many of my switches.
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