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Date:  2-19-2011
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wiring

In order to proceed with other work I have decided that I need to get all the wiring done before I finish the sheet metal/painting work. Not much to talk about except that there are a bunch of wires. Found a couple of mistakes in the schematic that I need to notify Sean about.

NOTE: I own three torque wrenchs and sent them out for calibration/certification. All are name brand Snap On and Proto. Two of them failed, only the Snap On passed. Not only did it pass but it had 0% error in either direction at all settings. Wow, don't let anyone tell you they are all the same. The ones that did not pass are now in the trash.

I never gave much thought to the certification issue until now. Do not assume that your Harbor Freight Chinese piece of crap torque wrench is OK, or even your made in the USA name brand.
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