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Bills Safari Adventure
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Date:  1-25-2015
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Additional Adjustments


The Safari is missing two critical adjustments that most helicopters have Trim Tabs and Chordwise mass balance. Fortunately both are easily and safely added.

If you think about balancing the Rotor the same way you balance a car wheel I think you can visualize the problem. When you balance a wheel the balancer will say to add a weight at XXX deg. Since the wheel is a full circle you can place the weight in the exact spot required.

The main rotor, as supplied, has only two positions on the blades(90 and 270 degrees). The chance of the need for a weight at exactly those positions is nill. It will need to be someplace between the blades. The Chordwise adjustment allows you two more places to put weight. You can now place weights at 0,90 180 and 270 degress.

With this you can throw away the confusing POLAR CHARTS. It is now easy.

1. Place blade refector over laser
2. Face the same direction the lateral Accelerometer is facing
3. The machine tells you where the HEAVY side is.

If it says that you have xx ips @ 90 degrees (to the way you are facing) then the blade pointing to the tail is the heavy one. ADD WEIGHT TO THE OTHER BLADE

If it says xx ips @ 180 degrees then add weight to the Copilot Side Chordwise Adjustment

If is says xx ips @ 225 degrees then you will add a weight to the 90 deg blade then add additional to the 0 deg chordwise.

For the chordwise I simply drilled a 1/4" hole through both of the Angle Brackets at the top of the head assembly. Drill them far enough below the top bolt that the big washers fit. There is no stress up there so the holes won't affect anything, except to make it smoother.
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Notice Washers on Angle at Top

Notice Washers on Angle at Top

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