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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  4-3-2011
Number of Hours:  0.10
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  USA to Hong Kong

Waiex 166 was sent from Sonex LLC in Oshkosh to Chicago O'Hare Internaltional airport to be air freighted to Hong Kong on my company's aircraft, Cathay Pacific Cargo. The flight plan was to fly from Chicgo to Anchorage-Alaska, where the B747 refuels, takes on a new crew and then proceeds to Hong Kong. I was scheduled to fly the 2nd leg of the delivery flight from Anchorage to HK but due to the nature of our crewing management there was a change and I had my flight changed to fly back to HK on an earlier flight. This was a disappointment as I was looking forward to flying the Waiex 166 before it was even built and that may have to wait now. However I returned to HK before it's arrival and organised its pick up from the HK Cargo Superteminal on Monday 4th April.
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