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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  2-2-2011
Number of Hours:  0.10
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Brief Description:  Kit Ordered

"Welcome to my web page for the kit home build of Waiex 166.

Be aware that I am not an aircraft mechanic or engineer just a bloke off the street who decided to do this as a hobby and a challenge. I would like to disclajm that I am not employed by Sonex Aircraft LLC and am not responsible for any of the content or ideas or techniques I have used in my build of my aircraft. I accept no liability for the content of this web site if you decide to use my ideas. If it helps though then do it at your own risk. This is an experimental aircraft build from a manufacturer of experimental kit aircraft components that is Sonex Aircraft LLC. Check them out!

I took the plunge today and ordered my Sonex Aircraft LLC Waiex kit. I have spent a lot of time
researching and thinking about which way to go and decided that I better get on with it.

I have made a friend through the Sonex builders website who has given me a great insight as to what is involved with a homebuilt aircraft. His name is Bill Trawick from Anchorage, Alsaka. Bill is building a Sonex and has given up his own time on 3 occaisions to pick me up from the hotel in Anchorage during a layover and show me his project and how he has been building it in his home garage. He suggested that I consider the Waiex and I thought Y not.

I live in Hong Kong in a small seaside village about 30 minutes away from bustling Hong Kong Island. I am fortunate enough to have a free standing house with some garden space where I have put up a standard steel garden shed 6m x 3 m on a concrete slab which I always intended to build a homebuilt kit aircraft.

I have been ordering my hardware and tools in anticipation of the kit arriving in a couple of months. Shortly after ordering it I was told that it should be here within 1 month. Not bad. There is lots to do. I have been putting insulation foam and steel on the shed roof fastening it down to try and withstand a typhoon passing through. I have run power and lights to the 'shed' and still have some more power tools to get."
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