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Date:  8-17-2020
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  new build

just placed order for new RV-9a tail kit from Vans; also some tools from aircraft spruce. took the plunge. age 59; travel to oshkosh twice in last three years in my Charles Darland 2003 rv-9a which i absolutely love. My current O-320 DIA lycoming is up to 1500 hours, but it has been working great, and I suspect will got to 3,000 hours before any trouble at all. So why build a new plane?

For the fun and education.

I just semi-retired due to COVID-19, so have too much time on my hands. I have been adding mods to my current RV-9a such as antisplat nosegear, wig wag LED lights, new paintjob, lots of new tires and brake pads and oil changes and spark plugs, a new GPS garmin 650 navigator autopilot, and a custom glass panel. But all this work as been on an old analog plane. After 700 hours on this plane in the last four years, I want to personlize it my way. I thought about the other Van's offerings, but love the low stall speed, safety factor and economy of the RV-9a. My insurance is low, I can use ethanol free 91 octane Mogas, and it still flys 150 knots at 8,00 feet at 2300 rpm with wheel pants on.

I want to start fresh. My wife doesn't want a stick in her lap, so the new build will have copilot removable stick. Also a slightly shorter stick by one inch so it doesn't hit my center throttle quadrant. Also a new paintjob and a cleaner IFR panel and harness. Excited to learn by doing. Also the advantage of getting the repairmen certificate/annual condition inspection. I am a instrumented rated pilot, 1500 hours and love to fly. So this will be a brief pause from just thinking about flying every day.
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