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Date:  8-19-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  eaa workbench; garage setup

thinking more about RV-9a; I already love my rv-9a that i didn't build; it cruises with harzell c/s metal prop with the o-320 at 150 knots with wheels pants on and a wax job, so why another rv-9?
well, this will be my homebuilt; an education to itself and allow a new paint job and a O-360 lycoming thunderbolt engine. Van's does not recomment the 180 hp upgrade, but at my high altitude flying the extra cruise and climb will be appreciated. I have read Smoky Rays episode in his RV-4 with flutter, and never want to exceed Vne above 10,000 feet (KIAS of 145 to 155), or excess Vno at under 10,000 feet and hit a sudden mountain wave or gust front or turbulence and exceed the utility design limits. But the chance to modify my current rv-9 to a different engine, learn it's inner workings better, enjoy the build, and do a new paintjob and clean panel; this is enough.
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